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Adam Stevenson has a passion for homes and design, and extensive experience buying and renovating houses all across the Front Range. Adam is well-versed in the intricacies of a real estate transaction, helping his clients find the soundest investment while finding the right place to call home. His entrepreneurial approach to real estate allows him to provide unique insight into the potential of each property and help his clients maximize the return on their investment. Adam has invested in several homes across the Front Range and is familiar with each community’s distinct neighborhoods. He uses his vast knowledge of the local market to help his clients select the right neighborhood.

Adam is trained as a computer and aerospace engineer and has always had an interest in the sciences. In 2007 he applied his engineering background towards designing and constructing a green home in downtown Boulder. The house far exceeded all of the Boulder requirements for Green Points and HERS. It went on to be featured on the 2010 Solar Tour of Homes, a COSEIA/NREL green-building seminar, and on Discovery Channel’s ‘Renovation Nation’ with Steve Thomas.

Adam has lived in Colorado for over 20 years and has enjoyed living in Boulder for the better part of a decade.  He enjoys Boulder’s fun & active lifestyle, including running with his dogs on the local trails, biking the many bike paths in and around Boulder, and visiting the amazing local breweries.


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After interviewing numerous agents, it was obvious Adam was different. I was blown away with Adam's level of knowledge, care, honesty, and dependability and knew I had to work with him. Here is what I valued from Adam's process-->

1-From the beginning--Adam knew exactly what questions to ask me to uncover what I really wanted/valued in a home. This was extremely important as a first-time home buyer. No other agent did this. As a result, this saved me from frustration and countless hours wasted. Our search was targeted, and focused, and we were only seeing homes that really worked for me.

2- Adam was extremely thorough and educated me throughout the entire process. From sharing market analysis, to creating home expense/pro cons sheets, to teaching me about various housing materials and educating me on how homes were built and how they may affect monthly costs and various expenses. Adam helped me see the entire picture and understand the 'true' value of the homes we were looking at. Thanks to Adam, I never once doubted if I was making the right decision, and was able to find the perfect home with such ease.

3-Adam was extremely caring throughout the process. While buying your first home is exciting, it also can be nerve-wracking. There is new language to learn, lots of paperwork, and the weight of making a big purchase decision. Not only did Adam educate me and guide me throughout the entire process, he always check in on me to ensure I was ok and making the best decision for myself and my life. I never felt any pressure from Adam to buy and he made me feel extremely valued and well-taken care of. He always encouraged me to make the best decision for myself and worked hard to ensure I would. Adam is a breath of fresh air compared to the other agents I interviewed--the other agents made me feel as though I was just another number--they didn't do any research for or due diligence--and it was clear they were pushing to make a quick sale.

I can't thank Adam enough for making my dreams come true and instilling me with confidence throughout the entire process. I highly recommend working with Adam whether you are first-time home-buyer, or someone looking for home-investment strategy!

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