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A longtime resident of Colorado, first in Aurora and currently in Boulder County, I’m married to my fireman Dave and have two grown step children. Having been raised in Montana, I find Colorado to be just a “bigger version” of mountains, blue skies, and fabulous people.  I truly love it here!

I have been blessed with two careers I’ve loved.  My first choice was to travel the world so I became a flight attendant for United Airlines and boy—did I ever see the world!!  But times change as the airline industry did so I decided to start my second career.  Now I work diligently to match my clients with their dream homes and it is so rewarding. I pride myself on interviewing my clients to get right down to the bottom of where they need to be and what they really want.  I try to treat each of my clients as if they’re my “only” at that time and take seriously the business of getting them from Point A all the way to Point Z. As a personal payoff, all I need is a smile at the closing table—that’s truly the best!!

I was raised with the beliefs of service and giving back. My community involvement includes tutoring and mentoring, along with my husband, with the I Have a Dream Foundation. I also serve on the Board of Directors for I Have a Dream Foundation, Boulder County.  Working with our group of students has been both eye opening and amazing. I am active with A Woman’s Work and am a past Director for the Board. I honor the Girl Scouts of America of which I was a member growing up. I support the Leukemia Foundation proudly in memory of my real estate mentor Gary Taylor. And I support the Longmont Association of Realtors, having been a Board member and now as past president.

My husband and I are now empty nesters (woo hoo!) and we love anything to do with the great outdoors as long as we can take our German Shorthair, Sophie.  Oh, and I love lunching and shopping with my girlfriends too!

My business is built by referrals.  They are the greatest compliment I can receive.

Please let me know if I can help you, your family and/or friends buy or sell!


5/5 Based on 24 Ratings
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Dene is the hardest working realtor I have ever met.
Dene was my realtor when I purchased my home four years ago, and of course I called her again when I decided to sell my home.
She is always available to her clients.
I recommend her to everyone I know who is looking for a realtor.
She truly is the best.
In 2007, we went to see a house for sale in our neighborhood. There was an open house and Dene was the agent. The moment I stepped inside the house I just fall in love with it. We didn't have an agent but decided to make an offer. We didn't have enough time to find an agent because we wanted to make an offer as soon as we can. We asked Dene if she could represent us and be the agent of the seller and the buyer. She did a great job of communicating to us and the seller. We are out of the country right but when we go back to Colorado, we are going to buy another house and Dene is going to be our agent again!
We just closed on our house in Longmont. We lived over 2,000 miles away and relied heavily on Dene's expertise during the entire process. She provided excellent advice and clearly knows the market in the area. She went above and beyond in support of our acquisition process. We recommend her highly to all.

We look forward to moving to Longmont and having Dene as our neighbor.
Dene continuously searches for the place that you want. She's knowledgeable of the area and responsive. It's a pleasure working with Dene because she's fun and gives as much latitude as you desire. I highly recommend her expert service and negotiation skills.
In addition to doing an *excellent* job of being our realtor (see the star ratings), Dene also went well above and beyond what you would expect from a realtor...

We were moving from the other side of the country and only knew about the area through Internet research (no friends or family here), so she stepped in and took care of everything:
- She made herself available during the one weekend we could fly out ahead of time, and spent the entire weekend helping us narrow down the house selection.
- She helped negotiate a price we never thought we'd get.
- Her husband chipped in and repaired some of the inspection items...for free, so that they'd be fixed before we moved.

Even more amazing, she continued to help us after we had bought the home and moved!

- Her husband came over, and showed us around the house and the repairs he made. Further, he explained how to winterize the sprinklers/evaporator and told us a little about the area.
- Later, when we finally sold the house we had moved from, Dene offered to notary (and print/explain) the closing paperwork.
- She has recommended several service companies that have all worked out wonderfully.

Moving cross-country is a pretty crazy process, but with Dene looking out for us, it was organized and was a success!
Recently I've been involved in two estate sales for family members. Dene has always been our "realtor of choice" so of course I called on her to help sell both properties. I would imagine that these types of sales take a little bit more work for a realtor but Dene handled both of them flawlessly.
Thank you Dene---and to anyone looking for a great realtor---I highly recommend.....Dene Yarwood!!!
Amazing!!!!!! She accomplished the impossible. I was trying to buy a house that had had multiple contracts on it prior to my trying to get it. I knew this and didn't really think it was possible to get this property due to the mess it was in. Crazy bank situation, foreclosure... etc. And she did it! I could not have been more impressed with the work she put into this transaction and the miracle she pulled off because of her persistence, knowlege and hard work. And she made it look so easy when I in fact know it took an incredible amount of time and energy from her to pull this off.

I would recommed Dene to anyone, any day of the week, to help you with your real estate needs. Especially in this new era of financial workings, she is really, really good. She never once made me feel stressed or anxious throughout the process, but rather kept a very upbeat and positive attitude even though I am certain she was dealing with some VERY difficult institutions and their employees.

I am still shocked that I got this property and am so thankful to Dene for helping me. I have recommended her to many friends and all have been thrilled with her services. I will ONLY use her as my realtor in the future.
Dene Yarwood was the listing agent for my house. I will not use her again and would not recommend her to anyone. I do not believe Dene did a good job representing my best interests as the seller. She too eagerly agreed to the buyer’s demands despite my expressed objections. Dene’s primary concern was selling my house quickly at a low price and without strong objections to the buyer’s demands. She did as little work as possible so she could quickly and easily make money. Not only did this result in a lower listing price, but also a lower actual selling price. A lower listing price may have reduced her commission somewhat, but it had a much bigger effect on the amount I received. I also had to pay more in repairs, which directly came out of my pocket, because Dene did not want to put forth the time or effort to negotiate with the buyer about what repairs actually were necessary.

Dene also was very slow to communicate information to me. Many times, after waiting several days, I finally had to ask Dene for updates regarding the status of requests, contracts, and reports. She would always respond with an excuse saying that she was busy or was working on it. I would receive the requested information a few days later.

Finally, Dene was not appreciative of my business. As soon as the closing was over, I never heard from her again. I did not even receive a simple note or email expressing any gratitude. She got her money, so she was done. To repeat, I will not use Dene Yarwood again as my realtor and do not recommend anyone else using her.
Dene did a fantastic job in helping my adult son and daughter with the sale of a home and a business this past year. Both sales involved difficulties as they were both part of an estate from an unexpected family death. Dene handled both transactions with amazing expertise and tact. I would highly recommend Dene to handle ANY real estate transaction.

Amy Velasquez
I had two days, in the fall of 2006, to find a house in the South Denver to Castle Rock corridor. Dene created a strategy so that we could look at a large number of homes in those two days. She forwarded the listings to me prior to my arrival and continued reviewing new listings right up to picking me up at the hotel. Dene's knowledge of the area, homes, financing, and her negotiation skills made for a very efficient, successful home search, offer, and contract. I have recommended Dene to my friends and will continue to do so.

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