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Jason has spent the majority of his life serving others; it's what fills his heart. 


Born and raised in Tennessee, Jason has always been a believer in honesty, integrity and good ole fashion fun.  Southern hospitality runs through his veins.  


Jason's first position out of college was a Public Relations Coordinator for a nationally recognized non-profit, Youth Villages. At Youth Villages he worked with various local businesses, national corporations, colleges and volunteers to expand awareness, increase donations and build mentorship programs for at-risk youth. "My time at Youth Villages paved the way for my future at an early age. As many of my friends went on to high level sales positions, I worked to help make the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters a little bit better. We only have one chance in this lifetime, so it's up to all of us to give first, without asking for anything in return," explains Pickle.


After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Marketing/ Public Relations, Jason learned early on that perception is reality. Within the real estate industry, this is especially true. After spending 11 years selling real estate in the Lake Tahoe area, Jason is now sharing his expertise in marketing, negotiating, and exceptional client relations with the Boulder County area and beyond. 


"I have clients in Tennessee, Nevada, California, Mississippi, Arkansas, Colorado and even overseas. I am excited for the next chapter of my real estate career as a Broker with one of Boulder's  oldest and most respected companies" says Pickle. 


In his spare time, Jason loves the outdoors. He is an avid gardener, animal lover, hiker, photographer, camper and skier. "I moved to Colorado to expand my many opportunities in both business and pleasure. It really is a state that offers everything." 


Spend some time with Jason and you'll see why his clients become his friends.

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