August 15, 2017 // Homeowner Tips

Pro Tips for New Homeowne...

HouseLogic published a list of the top mistakes most new homeowners make. T...

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Picture this:   You’re in the throws of baking up a storm.  The pies are cooling on the counter, the turkey is in the oven, the fixings are on the stovetop and you...

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Common Baking Substitutes

November 21, 2016 // Homeowner Tips

Do you have a home improvement project you are looking to complete? Plan ahead! If you have endeavored to start a home improvement project in the past year and found good cont...

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Good Help is Hard (& More Expensive) to Find

September 29, 2014 // Community Guides Homeowner Tips

Fall is one of the most colorful and long term decorating seasons! But for staging, remember that less more! From the curb appeal, if they can’t see it, you can’t sell it....

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Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays!

November 04, 2013 // Home Inspiration Homeowner Tips

by: Bob Maynard (   I think we all agree that photos and water just don’t mix.    The things that we hold most dear, besides our fa...

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How to Rescue Your Wet Photos, Videos, Films and Audio!

September 26, 2013 // Homeowner Tips

Does your community lack … well, a sense of community? Here’s how to strengthen that neighborly spirit.     Mitchell Parker We all want to be better neig...

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15 ways to Make Your Neighborhood Better | By Tracy Zaik

July 01, 2013 // Community Guides Homeowner Tips Local Tips

This is part two of Bruce Beresford’s fire mitigation series. In case you missed the previous post, you can see it here.   Evacuation Checklist: If asked to evacuat...

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Wildfire Mitigation Tips: Evacuation Checklist | By Bruce Beresford

June 24, 2013 // Community Guides Home Inspiration Homeowner Tips Local News Local Tips

Create Defensive Zones:     The first zone is 15 feet around your home:   There should be no vegetation, only decorative rock or dirt (short green grass is okay...

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Wildfire Mitigation Tips | By Bruce Beresford

June 19, 2013 // Community Guides Home Inspiration Homeowner Tips Local Tips

My husband and I began dating when we were still children. He was 16 and I was 15, back in the olden days when people still talked on the phone and wrote letters. By the time...

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4 Obstacles to Decluttering — and How to Beat Them | By Tracy Zaik

May 30, 2013 // Home Inspiration Homeowner Tips

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