August 12, 2019

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Local Business of August: Frasca Food & Wine Restaurant

Frasca Food and Wine is a local restaurant in Boulder that serves Friulano inspired food. Co-owners Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey and Chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson shared a passion for the Friulano cuisine as well as fine wine, and opened Frasca back in 2004.

Friulano cuisine is found in a sub-alpine region in northeastern Italy, called Friuli-Venezia Giulia. This area is steeped in tradition and culture that blends geographical, diversity, and idyllic beauty. The name of the restaurant came from the friendly and informal gathering places that are considered a huge part of the Friulano food tradition. These gathering places are a symbol of the local farm cuisine, wine, and warm hospitality, which is what the co-owners wanted to portray through their restaurant.

Frasca is a James Beard Foundation Award 3 year nominee and a winner for Outstanding Wine Service in America in 2013. Enjoy weekly wine nights with their comprehensive list of 200 varieties and guest chefs on occasion.



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