August 29, 2019

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Getting Back into Your Work Routine After Vacationing

Everyone loves going on vacation. It means leaving work behind, being able to relax by the pool, on the beach, or wherever else you may be, and not having a schedule. What slips by the wayside is the idea of coming back to reality, because who wouldn’t want to stay in a constant state of vacation mode?

With most, if not all, of our summer vacations behind us, here are a few ways to ease your way back into the work world without becoming overwhelmed.

Make a game plan for answering emails

Checking your work emails was probably the last thing you were worried about and hopefully your remembered to turn on your out-of-office response before you left. Coming back to several emails that need to be read through is never ideal, but it has to be done at some point. Start by sorting them into folders categorized by urgency. This will allow your stress level to decrease and quickly respond back to those who need a fast response. If you want to get a head start, sort the emails on the airplane.

Create a to-do list for work

Creating a to-list not only allows us to get organized after a vacation, but it can make us feel less overwhelmed.

Drink lots of water and eat plenty of greens

On vacation, we tend to skip over eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. This can cause us to go into a slump and feel a little lethargic. Make sure your body gets its necessary TLC. Drinking plenty of water and getting back to your healthy eating habits will help you feel more energized.

Get your body moving

Just like drinking water and eating healthier, doing some sort of exercise will get you out of that post-vacation slump.

Prioritize sleep

Our sleep gets interrupted on vacation, between traveling and not sleeping in our own beds, making us cranky. Getting the proper amount of shut eye when you return is essential for overcoming the dreaded jet lag.

Take breaks to breathe

It’s okay to feel distracted, tired, and unmotivated when coming back from vacation. While at work, take a few minutes every couple of hours to refocus and breathe. It can go a long way to relieve built up tension.

Unpack right away

This will help you avoid a messy home after a vacation and wasted time trying to find essential items.

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