July 17, 2019

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Best Parks and Playgrounds in Boulder

Boulder is filled with some amazing parks and playgrounds, but here is the list of the top 10! We hope your kiddos enjoy them as much as the rest of Boulder does.


Arapahoe Ridge Park

Araphoe Ridge Park is located near Eisenhower Elementary School at 1220 Eisenhower Dr. It features an iconic natural rock climbing structure, tennis courts and a diamond field.

Christensen Park

Christensen Park is located at 3100 Kings Ridge Blvd. It is a secluded neighborhood park with a large area of open turf, a playground, and a picnic area enclosed by natural buffers and the bike path.

Scott Carpenter Park

Scott Carpenter Park is located at 1505 30th Street. It is s a community park that provides visitors with a wide variety of recreational facilities including a swimming pool, skate park, open turf field, diamond field, and the iconic Scott Carpenter playground.  Sledding in the winter is approved. The swimming pool will be open for the 2020 season.

Martin Park

Martin Park is located at 36th Street and Eastman Avenue. It features a wide variety of recreational amenities including a diamond field, playground, open turf, and a community library.

Central Park

Central Park is located at 1236 Canyon Blvd. It features access to Boulder Creek, a playground, an educational walk with information about flood control, water use, and native species, and open turf for picnicking and other recreational activities.

East Palo Park

East Palo Park is located at 4340 Corriente Drive. It is a neighborhood park that features a recently renovated playground, open turf, and paved walking paths.

East Boulder Community Park

East Boulder Community Park is located at 5660 Sioux Drive. It offers several unique recreational areas including a dog park, a pond, turf fields, and sand volleyball courts, along with a variety of additional areas.

Keewaydin Meadows Park

Keewaydin Meadows Park is located at 250 Manhattan Drive. It features a playground and an open turf field.

Emma Gomez Martinez Park

Emma Gomez Martinez Park is located at 2035 Canyon Blvd. It is a newly-renovated playground that features a natural play structures and a basketball court.

Tantra Park

Tantra Park is located at 46th and Hanover. It features a playground and a four-pole slackline course.

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