May 20, 2019

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Unusual Dog Friendly Activities to do in Boulder County

Every family in Colorado, especially Boulder County, have a dog now-a-days. This comes with its own set of responsibilities such as making sure that your fuzzy, four-legged companion has a way to release some of their pent up energy in a dog friendly location. We all know that when they haven’t been thoroughly energized, their goes our sanity!

The number one challenge that a dog owner comes across is finding dog friendly activities. There are plenty of options for dog parks and hiking trails (Previous blog article on dog parks in Colorado). With the warmer weather sticking around for the next few months, here are a few unusual activities that your dog would surely love:

  1. Swimming at the Canine and Conditioning Rehabilitation Group, Broomfield. This center offers a luxury indoor pool for your swimming fanatic creatures. This is a great and fast way for your dogs to burn some energy. For the social ones, they offer all day open pool times. If your animal isn’t one to be social, they do offer reserved times. CRCG also provides physical therapy, rehabilitation, and chiropractic adjustments for your dogs.  Click here to view the open swim times
  2. Romero’s K9 Club & Tap House, Lafayette. If beer and dogs are two of your favorite things, then this is the right fit for you! Romero’s is a dog friendly bar for you and your companion to come relax and enjoy a beer or two. They do offer Spent Grain dog treats and a dog friendly beer. There is an enclosed pavilion that allows people and their on-leash companions to hang-out. Outside, they have a beirgarten where dogs can roam off leash. Don’t worry if your drink is empty, there is an open style window bar to order from. Before you arrive, just remember to register your dog or they won’t be allowed in. Click here to register your dog
  3. Eldorado Canyon State Park, Eldorado Springs. Granted this is a hiking spot, but it is very rare to find a state park that will actually allow dogs. It contains sandstone cliffs, the South Boulder Creek, and lots of golden walls for climbing. Just remember that your animals must remain on their leash.
  4. Union Reservoir Dog Beach, Longmont. A portion of the reservoir has been designated to allow dogs the freedom to run around and swim. It offers a sandy beach, perfect for fetch, and water that gradually becomes deeper for those who prefer to wade.


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