April 25, 2019

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Boulder Neighborhood Guide: Crossroads

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It is widely recognized that Boulder is a great place to live but the neighborhoods in Boulder are a bit hard to characterize. Boulder was developed over time in a piece-meal fashion. The result is that many of the neighborhoods are only a few hundred homes in size. It is common to have two adjacent neighborhoods developed at different times and have completely different characters and price ranges.


While this report is not comprehensive, it will give the reader valuable information from which to start understanding the real estate market in Boulder. Below is the official City of Boulder sub-community map that shows Boulder split into nine different segments.





A large portion of the city’s commercial activity takes place in Crossroads, making this sub-community a major regional destination area due to its abundance of shopping, restaurants, services, and jobs. The Twenty Ninth Street Mall is a major draw, and is located on the former site of the Crossroads Shopping Center.


Within Crossroads, the development pattern shifts from a grid of streets and alleys west of Folsom to a more auto-oriented pattern to the east featuring longer “super-blocks” lined with retail and surface parking lots. The western half of the Boulder Junction area is also located in Crossroads.


Several residential neighborhoods and developments are located within Crossroads and mostly north of Pearl Street. Less than 10% of the residential neighborhoods in this area have single family homes, and over 90% of the area is considered high density residential. There are also two mobile home parks and an affordable housing community.


** All market data is for the 12 months ending December 2018. Source: InfoSparks


Number of sales past 12 months: 116 (up 45.0%)


Sales Mix: 6.0% single family; 94.0% attached dwellings (2017 – 6.2%, 93.8%)


• Elementary – Columbine
• Middle School – Casey
• High School – Boulder


Nearby Shopping: 29th Street Mall, Whole Foods Shopping Center, all 28th and 30th Street retail areas


Open Space, parks: The Boulder Creek Path borders the south end of this area. Scott Carpenter Park and community swimming pool is one of Boulder’s most popular public areas. The area also includes the East Mapleton baseball fields, Howard Heuston Park, and Elmer’s Two Mile Park.


Major Subdivisions: Iris Hollow, Orchard Grove, Remington Post, Willow Brook, Cordry Court


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