February 27, 2019

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Boulder Neighborhood Guide: Chautauqua/University Hill

It is widely recognized that Boulder is a great place to live but the neighborhoods in Boulder are a bit hard to characterize. Boulder was developed over time in a piece-meal fashion. The result is that many of the neighborhoods are only a few hundred homes in size. It is common to have two adjacent neighborhoods developed at different times and have completely different characters and price ranges.


While this report is not comprehensive, it will give the reader valuable information from which to start understanding the real estate market in Boulder. Below is the official City of Boulder sub-community map that shows Boulder split into nine different segments.



Chautauqua/University Hill


The area located from Broadway to the mountains and between downtown Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology can be broadly characterized as University Hill and Chautauqua.


Chautauqua is much more than just the iconic park at the base of Boulder’s most famous rock structures. It’s also the gorgeous sprawling neighborhood surrounding the historic park. Chautauqua is one of the oldest neighborhoods in town, provides ample views of the Flatirons, and is within walking distance of all of the amenities of the Colorado Chautauqua Association.


University Hill borders CU to the west. Filled with big trees, Victorian homes, and hilly streets, this neighborhood boasts some of the most beautiful architecture to be found in Boulder. Be aware that the fraternities and sororities also make their homes in this neighborhood. Situated just south of downtown Boulder, The Hill, as it’s commonly called, is an interesting mix of college students and families, combining the best (and worst) of late-night parties and early-rising babies for the past century.


The homes in this area tend to be older (1930s – 1960s). Some of the area is abundant with CU student rentals and other parts are very high end. The rule of thumb is that the closer you get to the mountains the fewer students you will find and the nicer the homes will be. Proximity to the mountains and hiking trails is a big draw.


** All market data is for the 12 months ending December 2018.
Source: InfoSparks


Number of sales past 12 months: 81 (down 20.6%)

Sales Mix: 82.7% single family; 17.2% attached dwellings (2017 – 72.5%, 27.4%)

• Elementary – University Hill, Flatirons
• High School – New Vista

Nearby Shopping: Basemar Shopping Center (Baseline & Broadway), The Hill shopping district

Open Space, parks: Beech Park, Smith Park, Green Mountain Memorial Park, Chautauqua Park National Historic Landmark, numerous trail access points to Boulder Mountain Parks, Flagstaff Mountain

Major Subdivisions: University Hill, University Place, Chautauqua, Flatirons, Rose Hill


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