February 14, 2019

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14 Reasons to Love Where You Live

There are countless reasons to love every aspect of where you live. Our cities hold special memories of once-in-a-lifetime events, the people who are significant in our lives, our homes, and so much more. Whether these reasons are a reminder of why you fell in love with your current city, or an inspiration for your upcoming move, don’t forget the amazing parts of your city, home, and local lifestyle.


1. The Weather

The weather can affect our plans, hobbies, and even our mood! While there isn’t one perfect kind of weather for everyone, there is certainly a perfect weather for you based on your lifestyle and outdoor activities. Lots of snow makes winter sports more accessible, and sunshine makes the beach warm and dreamy. Here in Colorado, we love the ~300 days of sun!


2. Your Nearby Family

You can’t beat the support of having family near where you live. Holidays are a quick drive to gather with family, and you know that they always have your back if you need something.


3. Your Nearby Friends

They say that the people make a place, and we agree. It’s fun to explore, to go out for dinner, or to hang out with friends who live in your city.


4. Your Home

Your home is the centerpiece of your city, holding all of the amenities you want in a home and housing you and your loved ones. We care a lot about homes, and we love to help you find homes that you love, too.


5. Your Job

Whether you’ve moved across the country to work at your job, or it’s only a couple minutes from your hometown, your job is a huge reason to be thankful for living in your city.


6. The Things to Do in Your City

The adventures, activities, and things to do keep your weekends full of fun and your evenings full of entertainment. In Boulder County, we love the winter activities, listening to live music, the fine dining, and even the days that our museums and local attractions have free admission!


7. The Topography

Every climate and topography allow different sports, activities, amenities, and of course, views! We can’t get enough of the mountain views here in Boulder County, Colorado.


8. The Architecture

The personality of a city shines through the style of homes, shops, and buildings. Are they quaint and antiquated? Are they modern and sleek? We love how every building makes a city the special place that it is.


9. The Quirky Shops and Local Secrets

Family-owned, small shops are special gems in a city. Whether it’s the best coffee shop, the best place for dinner, or the cute gift shop, these are the places that make your city the place to be.


10. The Transportation

If your city has amazing public transportation, ride sharing options, or walkability, you’re fortunate. You’re saving the planet and some money or you’re also potentially making some new friends on your commute. It’s fun to walk or bike from your home to work, the store, a friend’s house, or anywhere that your two legs can take you instead of driving your car.


11. The Food

The delicious food in your city is certainly a reason to love where you live! Whether your city is known for BBQ, seafood, pizza, or another delicious cuisine, your city’s specialty foods are an amazing part of the local experience.


12. The History

From museums and landmarks to the history of the people living in the city, your city’s history is something to be proud about and is an open book to discover the past of the land around you.


13. The Safety

Safe neighborhoods and low crime rates give you peace of mind, knowing you can live worry-free.


14. The Culture & Community

Living life alongside a community of like-minded people is important. The culture of the area and the type of people are just two of the many things that make a city feel like home.

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