October 3, 2018

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The Man Cave: How to Design Your Space to Benefit Your Health

The man cave trend is a tried and true interior design option for unwinding and relaxing after a long work day. With work being such a huge part of our daily routines, stress and burnout are common emotional impacts brought on by our professional environments. Having a space in your home to retreat to and re-energize has shown positive effects on both physical and mental health, while also being a fun space to entertain friends and family. Below we have a few ideas to get you started with designing your own man cave, and a few insights into the many health benefits.


Determine Its Purpose


If you dabble in a lot of hobbies, plan your man cave to support your interests. If you enjoy building or crafting, design your space to accommodate for heavy wear and tear. Make sure to have proper air flow, and consider purchasing an air purifier to keep the air clean and pure of allergens. Incorporate a workbench and plenty of storage for tools and other crafting accessories. Look into non-slip, durable flooring options as well to make sure no damage occurs to the original flooring and the area is safe in case of spills.


If you prefer a space for relaxation or reading is your favorite hobby, build an at-home library to house all your favorite books. Built-ins are a great space-saving option that you can customize when designing. Or, if you’re more of a writer, look into unique writing desks with a comfortable desk chair that aligns with proper ergonomics, and a good lighting source like a desk or floor lamp.


If exercise is your way of unwinding, turn your man cave into a home gym. If you have limited space, buy easily collapsible equipment, both cardio and weight training. Free weights are a great space-saving option as well. Be sure to add padded flooring to reduce the chances of damaging the floor. If you are into yoga and meditation, place a yoga mat in a spacious area, and surround it with fresh plants and other decor elements that promote mindfulness, and can aid in meditation.


Ambiance & Comfort


Once you have determined what purpose your man cave will serve, it’s time to design the space to reflect your interests. Creating the right atmosphere is subjective to you, and it can help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and calm mental activity. Sometimes, it’s as simple as finding the perfect color scheme, furnishings, and proper lighting. If you don’t have access to natural light, yellow lighting is the best option because it is calming on the eyes and reduces the effects of eye strain. If you are on a computer at work for a majority of the day, this can help to relieve the pressure on your eyes from interacting with a blue screen. Making your man cave screen-free is also another way to combat this, so consider leaving your phone, television, and other electronic devices for another space in the home.


If you intend to make this a great entertaining space for watching sports or playing video games, be sure to invest in a smart TV that has a night-shift or eye strain mode, like a LG OLED smart television. Incorporate video gaming systems and surround sound for high-quality sound when watching your favorite movies or teams play. Look into sound systems or a sound bar that hooks directly up to your smart TV to play all your favorite tunes. Or, take the more nostalgic route with a new record player! Display your albums as art on the walls, or hang up some family photos and mementos to make the space more personal to you. If you have a favorite sports team, display their colors to show your support!


When it comes time to add in furnishings, make sure to invest in plenty of comfortable seating for guests, and look into pieces that are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of entertaining. Research stain-resistant fabrics and materials for seating options as well to take the stress out of accidental spills and messes. Look into hard wearing and long-lasting dining tables, too, that are perfect for laying out a spread fit for even the most unruly of parties.


If your space is intended for relaxing and you have your eye on chairs perfect for putting your feet up at the end of a long day, do some research into lounge pieces that offer proper support. This can cut down on back pain by providing lumbar support and prevent poor circulation, making it easy to lounge for hours without feeling any strain. Aromatherapy can add to a relaxing design as well. Different essential oils have a various array of benefits: they can be diffused or applied topically, and can relieve ailments such as muscle pain, poor digestive health, sinus induced headaches, and much more. Aromatherapy has also shown positive effects on alleviating depression and anxiety. Diffuse your favorite oil as you curl up with a good book or just to make your space feel fresh.


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