October 23, 2018

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Leading RE Global Symposium 2018

Did you know that WK Real Estate is a member of the most innovative and successful real estate referral network in the world?


When I first joined our firm, I kind of knew that.


At least, I saw it in the numbers. I heard it in the history of staunchly independent firms like WK working hard to stay afloat amidst the takeover of big business in real estate.


Thankfully, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (Leading RE) and its luxury brand, Luxury Portfolio International, make it possible for independent companies to stay strong, together, without having to sell out to the big guys.


Our network, Leading RE, actually does $55B more home sales volume than our closest competitor. With over 530 brokerage firms in more than 70 countries around the world, Leading RE is an invite-only network that closes over 1 million transactions annually, which amounts to over $372B in sales. And, yeah, that’s a lot.


In sum, the reach and impact of our network is astounding.


I knew all of this in theory. However, it wasn’t until I started attending the annual Global Symposium Events two years ago, that I truly realized the power of our network.


The Global Symposium is a chance to get to know our global partners in a more intimate setting. It’s an opportunity to make friends with other real estate leaders around the world.


This was my second year attending the event, which was held in Vienna in 2017, in Barcelona in 2018, and changes locations annually.  As a second-year attendee, I was again wowed by the diversity of our network. Many countries and places practice real estate in dramatically different ways than we do in the states. And, even then, standard practices state-to-state vary significantly from how we do things here in Colorado.


One thing that we have in common, however, is our name, and our specialty in “real” estate. Real estate is the one asset that cannot be moved. Hence, it is “real” property.


Beyond English, many other languages also reference this reality of immovability.

In many European countries and languages, most specifically, the term real estate is cognate with our English word, “immobile.”

For example:

Inmueble (Spanish)

Immobilier (French)

Immobilien (German)

Immobiliare (Italian)

Immubiliare (Corsican)

Imobiliária (Portugues)

Immobbli (Maltese)


My takeaway from the Global Symposium is that, beyond the words we use to self-identify, this theme is what binds us all together.


We share a passion for helping folks create immovable wealth.


We help people create financial and emotional prosperity that endures for their and their families’ lifetimes.


This is what we do.


The feeling of genuinely being taken care of that we create for our clients — and the unceasing creativity and motivation that it takes to achieve this – is the shared mission of every Leading RE partner.


When you work with a WK agent, know that you’re a part of the most powerful real estate network out there. And when you finally decide to pull the trigger on buying that second home, that dreamy vacation rental, or when your out-of-state best friend needs to sell their home, let your WK agent know and we will find them an agent who knows how to keep it real.


Pictured: Donna Laing-Jones and Kiara Jones of Keys Bahamas Realty, Grand Bahama; Berry Everitt of Chas Everitt, South Africa; Dan Kingdom and Ina Sajovich of WK Real Estate.

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Ina is a Broker Associate with WK Real Estate known for bringing a razor sharp and upbeat approach to her practice of real estate. As a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) with a Master's degree from CU Boulder, she uses a data-informed process to help her clients get the best deal possible in the competitive Colorado market.
Ina Sajovich

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