October 11, 2018

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35 Halloween Costume Ideas to Treat Your Spooky Side

Look no further for costume ideas for this Halloween! Sometimes it’s the simplest costumes that make the biggest statement. Other times, costumes can take hour and hours of work to re-create your favorite movie character’s outfit from scratch. Whatever your style and timeframe, we hope these costumes inspire you on your costume-picking journey this year.


For Kids

1. If the Tooth Fairy pays a visit over Halloween:




2. For your Thing 1 and Thing 2:



3. For the child who loves pink:



4. For the Starbucks-loving child (or parent):



5. If you have a curious one on your hands:



6. If they’re old souls:



7. For the Superman fan:



8. If your child loves Nerf:



9. For the child fascinated with unique animals:



10. If your child loves Toothless:



11. For the charming prince in the house:



12. For the naughty Grinch:



13. For the child who loves the ocean:



14. If an emoji best describes their personality:



15. For the doll in your house:



16. If you want to channel your inner Unicorn:



17. If Pac-Man is frequently played in your house (If the kids even know what Pac-Man is):



For Families


18. For the “Incredible” family:



19. For the Alice in Wonderland-inspired family:



20. For the chocolate-loving family:



21. For the Mario Kart family:



22. If your family falls into Neverland:



23. For the family who knows the show must go on:



24. For the Scooby-Doo inspired family:



25. If your family likes it just right:



26. For the family that says “As you wish” instead of “trick or treat”:



27. Duck…duck…goose!



28. If you want to “build” your way through Halloween:



29. For the stick figure family:



30. If your family is from a galaxy far, far away:



31. For the Batman family:



32. For the mermaids and mermen in your family:



33. You don’t need 101 family members for this one:



34. For the family who dreams of the land of Oz:



35. For the spook-tacular family:




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