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What Can You Guess About These Homes?

Can you guess the answers about these homes below that are currently on the market? Answers are at the very bottom of this post – don’t peek! After you guess, more information and photos for all of these properties can be found by clicking on the address.


1. How many bedrooms does this home have?

A. 5 Bedrooms

B. 4 Bedrooms

C. 3 Bedrooms


4138 Lee Hill Drive, Boulder


2. How many Sq. Ft. is this home?

A. 2,242 Sq. Ft.

B. 1,803 Sq. Ft.

C. 2,754 Sq. Ft.


2370 23rd Street, Boulder


3. What year was this home built?

A. 1932

B. 1952



704 16th Street, Boulder


4. What is the name of the community park that this home is near?

A. North Boulder Park

B. Valmont City Park

C. Palo Central Park


3878 Bosque Court, Boulder


5. How many bathrooms does this home have?

A. 1 Bathroom

B. 2 Bathrooms

C. 3 Bathrooms


5130 Buckingham Road, Boulder














ANSWERS: 1. B, 2. A, 3. A, 4. C, 5. B

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