April 27, 2018

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The Most Extraordinary Fine Dining Restaurants in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder’s most exquisite fine dining experiences and culinary delights await on the top of mountains, right off of Pearl Street Mall, and dispersed in unique areas throughout the city. Once nominated Bon Appétit‘s Foodiest Town in America, Boulder is known for its exceptional quality and healthy food, while focusing on supporting local farmers and investing in the future of our food and agriculture. Whether you’re looking for farm-to-table specialties by excellent chefs, premium Italian dining, or majestic views from the top of a mountain, Boulder has a diverse list of gourmet restaurants with sophisticated atmospheres and rich food.


1. Frasca Food and Wine

  • Location: East end of Pearl Street between 17th St and 18th St. 1738 Pearl St, Boulder, CO
  • Contact: 303.442.6966
  • Reservations: Not required, but recommended. Make reservations online here.
  • Located right off the east side of Pearl Street Mall, Frasca’s savory Italian menu is the heart of gourmet dining in Boulder.



2. Blackbelly Market

  • Location: Right off of East Arapahoe. 1606 Conestoga St. Boulder, CO
  • Contact: 303-247-1000
  • Reservations: Not required, but recommended. Call or reserve online using the form here.
  • Less known than some of the other classic dining options on this list, Blackbelly Market is sure to cater a distinguished dining environment and an equally grand menu selection.


3. Flagstaff House

  • Location: Halfway up Flagstaff Mountain near the Boulder Star. 1138 Flagstaff Road, Boulder, CO
  • Contact: 303.442.4640
  • Reservations: Not required, but can be made by calling.
  • The incredible views are the reason that Flagstaff House is a Boulder classic: perched atop Flagstaff mountain, you’ll feel pampered as you dine with a bird’s eye view of Boulder.


4. The Oak at Fourteenth

  • Location: Right off of the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall. 1400 Pearl St, Boulder, CO
  • Contact: 303.444.3622
  • Reservations: Not required, but can make a reservation by phone or online.
  • With a unique menu and sophisticated array of tastes, the Oak at Fourteenth offers an imaginative dining experience.



5. L’atelier

  • Location: East end of Pearl Street between 17th St and 18th St. 1739 Pearl St, Boulder, CO
  • Contact: 303.442.7233
  • Reservations: Not required, but can call or make a reservation online.
  • Be prepared to be inspired by the mouth-watering presentation of of L’atelier’s unique combination of classical cooking, French/Asian flavors, and Mediterranean cuisine.


6. Black Cat Boulder

  • Location: Right off of the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall. 1964 13th St, Boulder, CO
  • Contact: 303.444.5500
  • Reservations: Not required, but make a reservation online or call.
  • Black Cat receives all of their fresh produce from their own Black Cat Farm, an 130 acre Certified Organic and Certified Biodynamic vegetable farm located just outside of the city.


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