November 16, 2017

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13 Ideas to Make Your Road Trip More Fun

Traveling to your holiday destination on the open road? Long car trips can be challenging, especially if you have kids, but they can also be amazing opportunities to spend time with loved ones.  Rather than popping a movie on your phone or tablet this year, try some of these classic, interactive car activities.


1. Listen to an Audio Book


Listening to an audio book is one of the most traditional ways to past time on a road trip. Pick a story the whole family will enjoy and follow along as you drive!


2. Take a Picture in Front of Each U.S. State Sign you Pass


Driving through multiple states? Stop at each sign and snap a picture to keep track of your memories and travels.


3. Road Trip Bingo


Print out this free road trip bingo for the kids (adults can play too!)! The drive will instantly become more fun as everyone scrambles to checks off each item.


4. Find All 50 State License Plates


Everyone in the car will have fun keeping track of how many state license plates you come across. Make keeping track of them easier with this checklist!


5. Eye Spy


Playing eye spy is easy and fun. One person recites “I spy with my little eye something ____” and others guess what is being described. An added challenge is spying an item outside a window that may move by quickly, requiring players to think fast!


6. Guess the Estimated Arrival Time


Add some friendly competition into your vacation with this idea. At the beginning of the trip, everyone in the car guesses the exact time you will arrive at your destination. Let whoever is closest be the first to pick something to do during your time away!


7. Bring Books!


Keep the kids entertained the old school way! Pack books such as “Eye Spy,” “Where’s Waldo?”, a new chapter book or seasonal favorites to keep them busy.


8. 20 Questions


One person thinks of a person, place, or object, and in 20 questions or less other players try to guess what it is by asking “yes” or “no” questions. If someone is able to guess what it is, they become the next person to think of something in the next round.


9. Don’t Say It!


Pick 5 words that passengers aren’t aloud to use during the car ride. They should be common words, making them harder to avoid. When someone says one of these words they are penalized in some comical way picked by the players before the game begins.


10. Guess the Gas Price


This is a simple game, but it will definitely add a challenge to a good road trip – especially if you’re crossing state lines!  Everyone guesses the gas price at the next stop to the nearest tenth of a cent. Whoever is closest wins a prize chosen at the start of the game!


11. ABC Memory


Whoever starts the game names an item that starts with the letter “A.” The next person needs to recite the previous word, adding something that starts with the letter “B.”Rotate around the car until you get to the letter “Z,” challenging players to remember everything that was named before them. Play a more advanced version by limiting word choices to certain categories (i.e. animals, foods, etc.).


12. Coloring


Coloring is one of the best distractions during a long drive. Bring coloring books you already own, or print coloring sheets for either children or adults here.


13. Play Mad Libs


If you’re not already familiar with Mad Libs, it’s a word game that creates hilarious story lines.  One player has a story with missing words, and asks other players to choose a noun, verb or adjective to fill in the blanks without knowing the context.  After all the spaces are filled in, the first player reads the now completed story.   Print out these free Mad Libs for kids before your next trip.



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