October 13, 2017

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7 Scary Movies for Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th and Halloween is fast approaching…what better way to spend your evenings than watching scary movies? This frightful time of year makes traditional horror flicks an absolute staple. Get in the Halloween spirit and celebrate this unlucky day by checking out our favorite scary movies. Grab some candy and pop one of these flicks on screen!

The Shining (1980)

This movie is a definite classic. Jack Torrance moves to an isolated hotel in Colorado with his family to become a winter caretaker. His intention is to find a way around his writer’s block during his stay, but instead he discovers many secrets of the hotel and begins tormenting his family.


Scream (1996)

Have you ever wondered where the popular Scream Halloween costume originated? There is a murderer dressed in costume on the loose and nobody can figure out who it is or if there’s others. This scary movie is guaranteed to have everyone on the edge of their seats as viewers start to realize that nobody is safe in this town.


The Visit (2015)

As a brother and sister visit their grandparents they’ve never met, everything seems to go wrong. They are very excited about their stay until who they thought to be a charming couple starts to demonstrate increasingly abnormal behavior. The children begin to question whether or not their grandparents are who they thought they were and if they will make it home.


Friday the 13th (1980)

Friday the 13th is the perfect nail biter to watch in this spooky season. Another murder based plot keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as a young group establishes a summer camp despite locals advising them of a history of murder in the area. Attendees find themselves stalked by a killer and fighting for their lives.

The Addams Family (1991)

Inspired by the 1960’s television series, The Addams Family, this movie is another must-see at this time of year. The family’s Uncle Fester has been missing for years and a stranger shows up at their door pretending to be him. The family is initially pleased, however, it turns out the man’s intention is to strip the family of their fortune.


Halloween (1978)

The title of this movie is fitting for this time of year, along with its intense and frightening plot. Michael Meyers kills his sister and is in prison, however, after 15 years he manages to escape. See what happens as he returns to his hometown to kill again.


Insidious (2013) 

A couple and their three children move to a new house, unaware of what they are about to experience. As their son is exploring the attic, he falls from a ladder and hits his head on the floor. The little boy ends up in a coma, but doctors are not able to find any damage or diagnose a problem. The story unravels as their son becomes a vessel for ghosts who want to take over his body and live again.

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