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Staying in Shape: 7 Best Places to Workout in Boulder

Anyone interested in fitness can understand that going to a regular gym or getting stuck in a single workout routine can make it hard to stay motivated. Fortunately, there are now so many alternative ways of working out that can keep you excited about staying fit. If you want switch up your workout routine or simply try something new, check out our list of favorite workout spots in Boulder!


Pure Barre

If you’re looking for a low impact but effective workout, Pure Barre is the place for you! Within a 55 minute class, exercisers are guided through a warm-up, lightly weighted arm exercises, thigh and glute targeted movements, abdominal work, and a cool down. This total body workout incorporates small movements on the ballet bar and lively music to keep you engaged and sweating the entire time.

Radiance Power Yoga

At Radiance Power Yoga, you will be able to find any style yoga class to find the perfect balance between mind, body, and spirit. As a studio that focuses on helping people create the best version of themselves, Radiance Power Yoga offers classes tailored to every level. Whether you’re looking for a restorative and calming class or an intense power yoga workout, this is the studio for you!


CrossFit Sanitas
Focused on high intensity training and functional fitness, CrossFit Sanitas is the best place for a challenging and rewarding workout experience. Voted best CrossFit gym in Boulder, you will be able to find a variety of classes ranging from traditional a CrossFit class featuring a “workout of the day” to specialty classes including endurance, strength, and mobility. Here you are guaranteed to leave both tired and satisfied.


Orangetheory Fitness Boulder
Orangetheory Fitness offers a high intensity group workout, focused on maintaining one’s heart rate in a target zone which is optimal for spiking your metabolism and increasing energy levels. During a single workout, you will go through a cardio circuit incorporating the treadmill and rowing machine, along with strength building in an open weight area. Whether your goal is focused on weight loss, physical power, or overall health, at Orangetheory fitness you will be given the tools to challenge yourself and discover your potential.

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If you’re looking for a quality and fun kickboxing workout, 9Round is the place to go! Here you will find a quick full-body workout that will definitely have you excited to come back. In just thirty minutes you can expect to complete a varied, cardiovascular, and strength focused workout that is stimulating and effective. In addition to this, knowledgeable coaches are always around to help you whether you’re completely new to kickboxing or if you just need an extra push.


Boulder Movement Collective 

Focused on strength and mobility, Boulder Movement Collective uses a non-traditional approach to help improve overall fitness and body intelligence. By implementing Ido Portal’s methods, you can look forward to learning a wide range of exercises that can help you develop as an athlete or supplement your current skill set. At Boulder Movement Collective, all levels are welcome to come learn about the practice and evolve their mental and physical aptitude.



Looking to try something new? Mecha bases their workout program on high intensity interval training and resistance work to ensure you experience one of the best workouts of your life. Using low impact resistance machines and bikes, you can expect to feel the burn without putting a lot of strain on your joints. Whether you’re looking to supplement your current athletic regimen or get in killer shape, you can find what you want here!


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