August 15, 2017 // Real Estate

Buy and Hold Yields Big Returns

A buy-and-hold strategy is usually associated with stocks, but it appears to be working for homes too. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, the average length of ownership for those who sold a home in the second quarter of 2017 was over eight years. By comparison, in the mid 2000’s, the average length of home ownership was around four years. The recent buy-and-hold strategy allowed Q2 sellers to participate in the biggest run-up in home prices in years, and realize the highest profits in a decade. The cycle seems to feed itself: There’s little inventory to buy, so people stay in their homes, which keeps inventory low. The good news for future sellers is that the longer they stay in their homes, the greater the return. Those who sold a home in Denver in the second quarter saw an average profit of 62 percent, just barely behind Seattle (63 percent), San Francisco (65 percent), and San Jose (75 percent).


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