May 15, 2017

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Does Cooking Cause Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor air pollution is often overlooked by homeowners, but air quality can have a major impact on the health of your family. There are a number of issues that can be cause for concern including appliances and utilities, as well as lifestyle choices. This article is the first in a series designed to inform homeowners on potential indoor air pollutants and to give some suggestions for limiting the exposure to these potentially harmful components.


Does cooking cause indoor air pollution?:

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Yes. According to the research team at Berkley Indoor Labs, cooking
can produce pollutants that exceed outdoor air quality standards required
by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).





Cooking with gas burners can produce carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ultra-fine particles, and formaldehyde. Electric burners also produce ultra-fine particles.



Limiting the Risk:

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The best way to combat these pollutants is to have a vented range hood
that exhausts to the outside. Turn on the hood before lighting gas burners,
while cooking, and leave it on a few minutes after you’ve finished cooking.
If you do not have a range hood opening a window can help. You can improve
the efficiency of the hood by cooking on the back burners.



For more information on the research performed at Berkley Labs and additional recommendations to help mitigate the risks of cooking, visit:


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