March 3, 2017

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Bringing Technology Home


You think new cars have a lot of technology? Just wait till you see today’s new homes. The technology research firm Gartner recently forecast that homes in the U.S. could include about 500 smart devices by 2022. And in its latest “State of the Smart Home” report, Icontrol Networks reported that 90 percent of the consumers it surveyed want the security features that a smart home provides, and 50 percent said they plan to buy at least one smart-home product in the coming year. According to that survey, here are the top-five smart-home upgrades consumers are thinking about purchasing:


  • Self-adjusting thermostat (72%)
  • Remote-lockable doors (71%)
  • Master all-house remote control (68%)
  • Automatic, adjustable lighting (65%)
  • Home monitoring cameras (65%)


Remote Home


Categories Home Inspiration

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