June 15, 2016

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A Day at the Frederick Farmer’s Market

Every Thursday evening in the corner of Crist Park, a little place called Frederick Colorado comes to life. Empty bag in hand I make my way to the Farmer’s Market. I walk past old City Hall and almost apologize to the life-like iron statue, which honors the past miners and their families who originally established this area. In the park, neat rows of crisp white tents greet me. Rays of sunshine weave through the large trees, which graciously shade the buzz of activity. An enticing breeze tells me that somewhere there is roasted corn and homemade bread. Live music strums throughout the market as I make my way down a row full of handmade soaps, toys, crafts, and more. The blur of children playing tag; Their squeals of laughter only stop to sample fistfuls of popcorn. If this isn’t summer, I don’t know what is!


Millers Farm


Miller Farm – Located about 10 minutes from Frederick, these guys brought some beautiful vegetables. I couldn’t find a bad tomato, pepper, or cucumber. It is a perfect one stop shop for all of your summer vegetable needs. CSA baskets are also available, so you can always have the absolute freshest produce, even if you can’t make it to the market.

Wild Tree Naturals


Wild Tree Naturals – Wild Tree Naturals products are made in small batches, by hand. I can’t say enough good things about these guys. I loved all of the products they had. I personally do not like overpowering products, but everything here just had the perfect balance. They really make the best of the best, with only the most natural ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, want natural, locally made products, or a beautiful gift this is the place to find it.

Tatums Hand Crafts


Tatum’s Hand Crafts – I was incredibly impressed with all of the hand-made toys and goods. They remind me of things my grandmother would make for me as a child. These are the kind of things that can’t be bought from a regular store. From the bright fabrics, to the downright functional bags, she has thought of everything! I think my favorite things were the hobby horses, so bright and beautiful!

Haystack Mountain


Haystack Mountain – The cheesemaker had just returned from Europe. While there, she was expanding her cheese making craft, to bring it all back here to Colorado. They have won many awards, so even if you don’t like goat cheese, you just might like this stuff. I mean, who doesn’t like cheese?!

Styria Bakery

Styria Bakery – What a lot of people don’t realize is this bread company does not have a regular store front. They sell strictly at Farmers Markets like this one. I am always so impressed with bread making, especially this kind of bread; The kind that takes time. It’s the kind of bread made by people who know when it has been kneaded enough, simply by touch. Baked until it has a perfect golden, crunchy crust with a pillow soft center. Buy one of each and eat them all as soon as you get home.


Longmont Dairy Farm

Longmont Dairy – I had the pleasure of trying some of their chocolate milk, which was absolutely heavenly. They also do home delivery every Friday of eggs, milk, yogurt, and other products! After trying the milk, I immediately signed up. Need convincing? Stop by their tent for free samples!
There is also a small splash pad, playground, and grassy area right by the farmer’s market which makes for a perfect evening for families. I especially liked that it wasn’t overly crowded and everything about it was relaxing. Stop and listen to some music, buy some locally made goods, have a full belly, be outside, take a walk around Frederick, you won’t be disappointed! As I walked home, bag heavy on my shoulder, I was already looking forward to the next Thursday so I could experience the Farmer’s Market all over again.

Hope to see you in Frederick!

The Frederick Market


Thursdays, June-September, 2016

4-8 p.m. June – August

4-7 p.m. September


Crist Park

105 5th St.

Frederick, CO 80530

(Photos Courtesy of Meredith Slee Photography)

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