February 9, 2016

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Introducing the New and Improved Map Search!

We’re committed to providing the best real estate experience to your customers and continue to make enhancements to our platform to keep you ahead of the curve. With the latest release of our mapping technology, we’ve combined the power of our search tools with the enhanced data from Google Maps to provide users with one of the most comprehensive search experiences in the industry. In addition, we rebuilt the map search engine which will now yield better and faster results for all users.


Key features include:

Proximity Search:

Choose from a landmark or pre-defined point of interest and then refine results based on a desired radius and common property filters.

Boulder Map Search 2

More Listings on Search Results:

In the past, the map search was only capable of showing 25 search results at a time. With the latest release, we now include up to 1,000 results on the map before pagination begins.

Boulder Map Search 3

Enhanced UI:

In order to provide more screen space to the map area, we’ve narrowed the sidebar. We did this by removing the list results from the sidebar. You can still see all the results from the map in a list, but they now appear in a responsive modal window.

Boulder Map Search 4

Manage Your Searches:

As before, users have the ability to save all searches, including complex polygon searches, to view at a later time, or set up as an alert. In a hot market, getting real time alerts is a huge advantage to your buyers.

Boulder Map Search 5

Check out our new map search today!

Categories Real Estate

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Jeremiah Daly

Jeremiah is a real estate agent specializing in Boulder County’s fast-paced residential market. To provide his clients a competitive edge in Boulder’s intense local market, Jeremiah utilizes the most innovative and effective marketing technologies. His work has received national recognition, receiving several national awards, culminating with a seat on an international real estate technology advisory committee.
Jeremiah Daly

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