March 12, 2015

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Dennis & Jann Culver Awarded LRE “Transaction of the Year”

In September 2013 Boulder County was hit with a one of the worst floods in its history. Victims of the flood were evacuated out of their homes and sent to temporary holding spots. One of those temporary places was Life Bridge Church. Jann was deployed to Lyons, CO through FEMA (Federal Emergency Mangagment Agency) where she spent time at the church and helped make life normal again for those going through this tragic time.

“After a very long and draining journey from the National Guard truck out of Lyons to a small rental in Boulder, we felt lost and defeated.” – Meg and Micah Kruger

Jann and Dennis Culver enjoy doing volunteer work through FEMA. Jann also has a background in social work, lending, and was also given extensive amounts of training for mental health. Because Jann understood all the various components of  benefits that were available, she was able to help point people in the right direction to finding a peace of mind again. One by one, Jann took people to the back of Life Bridge Church where they quietly discussed the resources they had and their prospects for finding housing, temporary or long term.


 Evacuations and the aftermath of the flood.

The Wright Kingdom Family Lends a Helping Hand …

The Culvers appealed to the local real estate community who came together and filled moving trucks packed with donated bikes, beds, furniture, and clothes. Dennis & Jann were able to get the donations directly into the hands of the people who needed it most. The Wright Kingdom offices were so completely filled with donations that you could hardly walk through them. It is amazing how the community can come together and pull through tough times like these!

“Keith Robinson donated this couch and I gave it to a firefighter in need. The people at Wright Kingdom don’t have any idea where their donations went, but they definitely went to those who needed it most!” – Jann Culver


Piles of generous donations to flood victims.

 A Brighter Future…

Micah and Meg Family Photo

 The Kruger Family

Jann sent out fliers to homes that were affected by the flood that included an abundance of disaster recovery information. Meg Kruger got a hold of one of those fliers and the Culvers when it was time to move on.

Jann and Dennis met flood victims Micah and Meg Kruger while the Krugers were living with a toddler and 2 newborn twins in a small, cramped rental home. It was no place for a growing family! Jann and Dennis took the Krugers to numerous homes in different communities trying to find a good match for Micah and Meg. Jann and Dennis did everything in their power to find the Kruger family a home.

 “It was really difficult to find them a find a house that would work for them that wasn’t exactly like their previous home they lost in the flood. Everyone we worked with just wanted their old life back.” – Jann Culver

After an exhaustive search, finally a home was found. It had everything they had been searching for from the beginning. A house with charm and a yard for the kids to play in!


LeadingRE Award Winners

Meg wrote a heart touching letter to the community of Lyons, CO who helped her family get through hard times. Their family was one of many transactions that Jann and Dennis Culver helped find homes after the flood. For their efforts, Jann and Dennis Culver were awarded “Transaction of the Year” at 2015’s LeadingRE conference for their volunteer work through FEMA, which ultimately led to finding buyers Micah and Meg Kruger a new place to call “home”.

“I will never forget the first conversation I had with Jann while sitting on my new bed holding a flier with a promise of a new start. Her enthusiasm, positive out look and genuine caring for us made me feel there was real hope for our situation. I got off the phone and was so excited to tell my husband about her and even more thrilled that she and her husband Dennis, agreed to come to our house to talk to us, where our 3 kids under 2yrs old would be sleeping. (We previously had tried to arrange meetings with another realtor but finding sitters and times were just overwhelming and he didn’t understand.) We got nothing but understanding from the Culver’s. I could write a book about their genuine hearts, amazingly fun personalities and endless hope they give others. We consider them family!” – Meg Kruger

We are very proud of Dennis and Jann for their outstanding contributions in assisting the flood victims, and their ongoing commitment toward serving our community. Congratulations to them for receiving the LeadingRE “Transaction of the Year” Award!


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